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If you’re feeling lost in your apartment search and wondering what questions to ask your possible landlord, don’t despair! We’ve got your back with a few things to look for when renting an apartment.

Things to Look for When Renting an Apartment

Look for amenities that will complement your lifestyle. When you think about it, amenities can be much more than lovely bonuses. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, apartment amenities can help you save money, socialize, and, generally, improve your quality of life.

Scope the neighborhood; how convenient is the location? Make sure that it offers what you want because you must remember that a part of what you’re paying for with an apartment is the surrounding area. Is it close to your work or school? Proximity to transportation, shopping, and entertainment can be a great asset when you factor it into your daily routine.

When touring the residence you’re looking to rent, check that everything works as it should. Take a moment to ensure that all sinks run clear and the toilet flushes. You can even turn on the shower briefly to test the temperature and pressure. Be sure you bring a phone charger to test the energy outlets. You should also check for cell reception, as sometimes apartments in the middle of large buildings may have problems in this area. Go through each room to check for service and locate any dead zones in the unit. 

Ask the building if there are different floor plans to choose from. Many apartment complexes offer multiple layouts and floor plans. While square footage is important, the unit’s layout can significantly affect how it’s used and perceived. Take the best decision by being informed of your options and seeing for yourself how you feel in the apartments.

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