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Life gets busy. We get it; the last thing you want to do is spend hours cleaning your apartment when you come home after work. Here we have gathered our best cleaning tricks to make your life easier. 

Easy Ways to Keep Your Apartment Clean

Decluttering is your Best Friend

Before getting your hands dirty, take the time to declutter each one of your rooms. You’ll be surprised to see how many useless items you may be keeping around that just end up taking space. Decluttering will also help you take stock of everything you own and make you more mindful of what you acquire in the future. Having things with a defined purpose will help you keep a more organized space.

Chore Schedule

Even if it sounds too basic, having a cleaning schedule will enable you to make the time to keep your space tidy and prevent dirt and grime from accumulating. You can maintain a clean and organized area by sticking to a routine that works for you and allowing yourself the time to enjoy the process, such as by listening to your favorite music. So, clean it up before your living area looks messy; make a schedule and stick to it!

Keep a “Purposeful” Basket in Your Living Room

If you spend most of your time in your living room, having a dedicated “all-purpose” basket here will help you keep the space visually clean and appealing. Any item that leaves its usual room and ends up in the living room gets thrown in the basket. Then, you decide how frequently to check the basket and put everything back in its place. This method will help you keep a clean and organized apartment.

Containers with Labels

There are all kinds of containers, from cute baskets to sleek acrylic ones. Pick some containers that go with the style of your home and make your own labels. Containers are great for small spaces since you can stack them, and they help to have a designated area for anything. 

Apartments in Chula Vista

If you’ve been wondering how to keep your apartment clean and clutter-free in a simple way, follow these tips and tricks in your two-bedroom apartment in Chula Vista and see the magic happen!