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Having a home is not necessarily the same as feeling at home. The trick is in the details. If you want to know how to decorate an apartment, first, we need to know what style you’re going for. Are you more of a classy style? Homey? Retro? 

Now, it can feel overwhelming, and here at The Avalyn, we want to help you get started in the best way, so let’s begin with these three easy ways to add your personality to your apartment.

Apartment Set-Up Ideas

Keep your designated “relax area.” Focus on spaces you know you will hang out and enjoy more than the ones you rarely use. If you feel like you could use your living room as a place to rest, watch tv or even do some home office, get some equipment for it. You could use comfy pillows, a good coffee table for snacks, or even a desk. Make this your space. Check out our gallery to visualize your future home.

Take a trip to a thrift store! You’ll see and discover so many options and styles for your apartment that you’ll be able to craft, create and imagine your own unique place. Get some inspiration or even some pieces to work around them and build your dream home! Some parts will be cheaper than others, but there’s always something interesting to incorporate into your home.

Wall of memories. Even if you don’t genuinely enjoy many pictures around the space, you could add a black-and-white filter to photos you like and create a wall of your special memories, and get some frames that work well together so you can have your unique space to smile and remember every special moment every time you look at the wall. Seeing the face of your friends and family really brightens up the room.

Your New Home is Waiting for You

Giving your apartment your unique personality can take time and effort, but it’ll be worth it when you return to your space and feel at home. It also helps when the apartment is an excellent canvas for you to start! The Avalyn offers you amazing pet-friendly studio apartments for rent in Chula Vista, so you can start thinking about how to decorate your apartment the moment you step inside The Avalyn and get some inspiration from our fantastic features and community!