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Home, sweet home! When decorating an apartment, people always go straight to furniture options, art decor, etc. But they leave out the perfect thing to upgrade any space: indoor plants.

Studies have shown that plants in your home boost your energy levels, help with the creative flow, and even reduce stress. It’s amazing! Plus, we’re just setting aside the fact that they light up your apartment with their vibrant colors and beautiful shapes. 

The Best Indoor Plants For Your Home


These are also known as “Snake Plants” from their look. This beautiful plant gives your home a lovely dramatic effect and the perfect amount of green. It’s ideal for starting your plant collection since it has relatively tiny growth and can grow with low light. It also doesn’t need as much water. During warm months you can water it once a week; during winter, it’s recommended to water it once a month. Can you believe that? 

Peace Lily

This beautiful plant even has an elegant name. Peace Lilies have white tear-shaped leaves that open to reveal a unique flower. Their minimalist look has made them one of the most popular choices when looking for plants for small places since they don’t draw unnecessary attention but are the ideal complement for your home if you want to play with the pure chic vibe of their style. Effortlessly stunning!


A fantastic choice to consider if you’re sure you don’t want plants taking over much of your space. The variety of succulent plants and their sizes make this plant an obvious pick for anyone looking for small but aesthetically pleasing plants for their home. This even allows you to play with the pots in which you’ll have your succulents. Go for the intriguing and original shape that catches your eye, and take them home! Just remember that they’re not made for humid spaces. 

What’s the Best Plant for My Apartment?

When deciding which plant is best for you, there are some elements to consider when researching, such as if you’re looking for plants for small spaces or low-maintenance plants. Remember that you can start small to get used to this new responsibility. We’re sure you’ll love how it animates your space and brings the best out of your two-bedroom apartment!